How to Add/Import SSH Private Key in FileZilla ( for SFTP )

FileZilla is most popular ftp client used by users for connecting ftp server from local system. It has lots of feature to use remote server. But most the them doesn’t have more idea to how to connect sftp using filezilla.

If you don’t want to use password, you can simply use SSH private key with filezilla to authenticate on key basis. This article will help you to How to import private key in filezilla for sftp access.

Download FileZilla Clientclick here to download filezilla client


FileZilla Client: You must have filezilla client installed on your system.
SSH Private Key: You must have ssh private key to attach with filezilla client.

Step 1: Start Filezilla

I hope you better know to how to start filezilla on your system. We can start filezilla using shortcut or through program files or command line.

Step 2: Add Key in Filezilla

Follow the given below screenshots to add primary key in filezilla.

2.1 Go to Edit Menu and Click on Settings Submenu.


2.2 Select SFTP under Connection and click Add key file.


2.3 Select private key file. You Key file will be added in List. Now Just click OK.


Some times filezilla prompt to convert key in case provided key is not in correct format which filezilla used. Feel free to convert file and save with some other name.

Step 3: Connect to SFTP Server

Enter the detail of Host, Username and Port ( if not using default ) and click on Quickconnect.Filezilla-SFTP-Connect
Please follow the below link to  add ssh key in filezilla,